Welcome to HomeSelling101.com!  Class today’s is on fumigating your house! Or maybe the house you’re buying!

If you’re a home buyer or a home seller knowing what to expect during a house fumigation can be helpful. I went through it myself recently so here’s the scoop from my perspective and I hope this quick video will be helpful.

  • You need to bag (actually double bag) all items indigestible, including the items in your refrigerator.
  • Plants, and of course any pets (no dead gold fish here) need to be removed from the house.
  • You will need to vacate the house because it’s going to covered like a circus tent.
  • In CA (not sure about other states) you need to have the local utility company shut off the gas to the house.
  • Re-entry will not be allowed until the house is give the “okay” by the fumigators and that  will depend on local fumigation guide lines in your area.

As an aside, if you’re a home buyer and you’re going to be fumigating a house with a tile roof, I’d be sure to have that roof re-inspected after the tent is removed!

And prepared to lose a few plants, depending on the proximity to the structure, it just happens so expect it.

These are just a few of the things you can expect, be sure to check with a local reputable pest control company in your area for local/state guidelines.

So please come back to class when you can and subscribe to our next sessions!

Written by Class Instructor: Lynda Eisenmann

I maintains an active residential re-sale brokerage in Brea, CA, located in Orange County, about 20 minutes north of Disneyland. Contact Lynda directly at (714) 595-1494, or Lynda@PreferredHomeBrokers.comCA License #00402040

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