Welcome to our video class today at Home Selling 101, on the topic of home buying (or selling) in a home owner’s association.

If you’re a home buyer in an association, or a home seller selling your home in a homeowner’s association it’s crucial you understand the process, guidelines and laws within your state. And of course the laws can and do vary depending on your state. This class and quick video today is based on the state of CA yet many of the principles can be helpful to anyone buying or selling a home in an association anywhere.

To follow up, it’s not uncommon in today’s real estate market to find home owner associations who are experiencing financial difficulty, some are tanking far more than others.  If you’re a home buyer and you’ve been provided with financials of the association and copies of the meeting minutes of the association take the time to real them and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

So if you’re looking for home buying or home selling help, check out my other 2-Minute Real Estate videosLynda@PreferredHomeBrokers.com, text or direct (714) 595-1494…and thanks for coming to class today and stop back by again!

Written by Class Instructor: Lynda Eisenmann

I maintains an active residential re-sale brokerage in Brea, CA, located in Orange County, about 20 minutes north of Disneyland. Contact Lynda directly at (714) 595-1494, or Lynda@PreferredHomeBrokers.comCA License #00402040

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  1. Vicki Lloyd Reply

    Lynda –
    This is such great advice! So many homeowners forget, or don’t bother to read all those documents, then they are surprised when they can’t paint their house a color that isn’t on the list! You can also learn so much from reading the minutes of the board meetings – if things are running smoothly, they are boring, but if there are problems, that is where you can learn about them before you become an owner!

    Looking at the financial statements (budgets & year-to-date reports) should give you a hint at how well the development is managed, and whether or not you should expect an increase in the dues! If there are a lot of foreclosures in a neighborhood, there is a good chance that the rest of the homeowners are going to have to make up the shortage!

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